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Reader Configuration

Last Updated: Sep 05, 2013 11:35AM PDT
  1. If your reader has an RJ-11 jack socket, connect it to your computer's serial port using the supplied DB-9 serial cable. If you do not have a serial port on your computer, use a USB-to- Serial converter. If your reader has a Type B USB socket, connect it to your computer using a standard USB Type B cable. Then apply power to the reader using the supplied power supply.
  2. Double click on ReaderConfig.exe to run the utility, then click the “Connect...” button to connect to the reader. If you cannot connect, check the serial or USB and power cables.
  3. To use the Configuration Console window select the window and press Enter key to get the command prompt CMD> to appear. You can then enter any supported configuration commands for your reader.
  4. To reflash your reader with a firmware image file, click the folder button to locate and select the file to use. Then click the “Reflash” button to start the update process. After the update is done, the reader will reboot and display its information screen.
  5. You can copy and paste text to and from the Console Window and also save the console buffer to a file using the Save... button.
  6. To replay a prebuilt command file containing multiple configuration commands use the Play Command File... option from the Tools menu.

VV      Show current firmware version
TR      Show date/time
TS      Set time [hh:mm:ss]
DS     Set date [mm/dd/yy]
ZG      Get time zone
ZS      Set time zone
WF     Select Wiegand output formats [ccppvv]
                 cc - Original CAC card
                 pp - PIV or compatible card
                 vv - Visitor card
LI        Get/set LED indicator mode
                 1 - RGZ*, 2 - RGP
HB      LED heartbeat (red)
                 0 - No heartbeat, 1 - Reader*, 2 - Panel
PT      Get/set PIN type
                 1 - Mercury, 2 - 4-bit, 3 – Motorola*
CR     Get/set challenge-response†
SC      Save configuration

* Default
TrustPoint readers only

RS232 settings for the serial interface are 115,200 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit.
BridgePoint can supply a Reader Configuration Kit comprising a reader power supply with matching connector, serial RS232 interface cable and a reader configuration utility, to assist reader setup and configuration.
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